HDMI Cables: Debunking Common Myths!

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HDMI Cables: Debunking Common Myths!

Mensagempor SFCable » Qui Ago 17, 2017 5:39 am

If you are an avid buyer of electronic products, you must know about HDMI cables. HDMI is an abbreviated form of High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is a single cable that helps to transmit high definition video and audio. There are several myths and misconceptions surrounding these cables. Here’s an insight to these myths along with the explanations and clarifications to each one of them.

1. There are hundred types of HDMI Cables
This one is a huge myth. You will find several electronic shops that try to sell you an array of HDMI Cables. But in reality, there are only four major types of HDMI cables.

a. Standard Speed

b. Standard Speed with Ethernet

c. High Speed

d. High Speed with Ethernet

Standard speed has 1080i resolution whereas high speed is rated to 1080p and higher. The Ethernet feature is an extra one and is needed only if your equipment needs Ethernet-over-HDMI compatibility.

2. You should consider ratings like 15.8 GB/S and Made for 240Hz

Sometimes, you will be forced to buy an expensive cable under the pretext that it will easily be able to cope with your HDTV speed. However, you must know that such things stand of least importance. Equipment like DVD players have a maximum resolution of around 1080p/60. Most new television has the capability of converting any signal and matching it with the Hz to provide you with clear picture quality. So if your equipment isn’t specifically related to the higher specs (which is rarely the case), do not to pay much heed to the cable mentioning the above specifications.

3. Picture Quality will Depend on the Signal

This is a huge misconception. HDMI is different as compared to the old video/audio analogs. Either you get complete signal or no signal at all. With the previous cables, weak signal affected the picture quality. But with HDMI if that is the case, you will not be able to see anything at all. So beware of the cables that claim to provide you with a better picture quality and end up coaxing you to spend a lot of money.

4. Expensive HDMI Cables are of good quality

Last but not the least; it is one of the most misleading myth that expensive HDMI Cables are of good quality. Remember that by paying extra bucks on HDMI cables, you may be able to buy good looking physical features, a fancy brand or fine packaging but the working of any HDMI cable remains the same. If you want to buy an expensive cable anyway, go for it but remember that it will provide the same audio and video quality as any other HDMI cable. All you need to do is choose a cable that goes with your system and test it after you plug in. This way you will save money and get better picture quality.

Above mentioned are some of the most commonly known myths about HDMI Cables. So before you make your purchase, go think it through and then make a decision.
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